Personal Grounding - Pick Your Own

Connect with the Earth and yourself, to repair both by getting your hands in of our gardens.  We have 5 seasonal gardens: Pollinator Flower Garden, Veggie Garden, Native Garden, Fruit Trees, and Berry Bush.  We also provide nature's produce opportunities when seasonally available: Moral Mushroom hunting, Watercress, Asparagus, Eggs, Beef, Venison, and more.       

Personal Strength - Pursue More

Yoga, Trail running, Mediation, Hiking, Off-the-leash Dog run, and so much more for you to explore here outside!

Personal Defense - Prepare Yourself

Coming This Fall- Arm yourself with knowledge and skills with a certified trainer, and on-site expertise at our shooting range.  Several serves are available to meet your needs.  Opportunities for Hunter Education Classes* available upon interest.

Private Tutoring - Personalized Learning

With 2 decades of public education experience, a Virginia certified teacher with a Masters in Science Curriculum is onsite to help to creatively expand your understanding using dynamic learning opportunities designed for your unique strengths!